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Free Mobirise Extension Developed by Mr Singa4real

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Standron Chair

Home decor



Trodon Chair

Home decor



Dura Chair

Home decor



Trodon2 Chair

Home decor


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Electronics Shop Block

HP Laptop 

  • HP Pavalion with glossy body
  • 3GB Ram, 1TB Storage

Dell Laptop 

  • Dell D-234 with glossy body
  • 4GB Ram, 2TB Storage

Toshiba Laptop 

  • Toshiba T-346 with glossy body
  • 2GB Ram, 1TB Storage

Lenovo Laptop 

  • Lenovo L-785 with glossy body
  • 1GB Ram, 1TB Storage
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Vegitarian Shop Block

$ 5.00 Red Redish
1 piece 2.5kg
$ 7.00 Yellow Maize
1 piece 2.5kg
$ 9.00 Fresh Pineapple
1 piece 2.5kg
$ 4.00 Fresh Cucumber
20 piece 2.5kg
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This is a server side app connector, developed be Mr Singa4real, to help mobirise users build an  ecommerce website, this connector need a PHP Enabled server to function.

Note:  The work of this connector is to connect the Mobishop backend and the Frontend, So for you to be able to execute a command to the backend of mobishop, you need to add one coonector to the page to activate the conection between the backend and frontend.

 For more information about the this conntector, let's discuss about it on Mobirise forum or contact me on my website :  
Also note that your need to disable this Notification via the Setting Cog before publishing your website and also the image on this block is not vissible when publish.  

I would have Sell this extension and make alot of money considering the time spent, strees pass through and wealth of programing knowlegde invested on this project, But on a second thought  i said NO,  You are free to use this extension to build unlimited number of ecommerce website for your yourself and client(s)  for a charge fee and keep all the charged fee without limitation. But Nobody is permitted to Sale this extension or use the source code or some parts of source code of this extension for commercial purposes without the the approval of Singa4real.  Just what Singa4real ask from you is your support by buying a cup(s) of coffee using this link: and if you can, leave the link back on the shop block  footer and i will be happier.

Enjoy MobiShop, more is comming.
From Mr Singa4real
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